The Future: Crafted by Generations

IMEL company was established in 1981 and, through decades of dedicated work, has become synonymous with the highest standards of engineering, strategic site development, and construction. As one of the oldest engineering firms in private ownership in Belgrade, we proudly highlight our extensive experience, which we implement through modern technical and technological solutions. Additionally, we specialize in leasing high-quality commercial spaces for various purposes, providing all accompanying services, where we achieve significant results.

Imel - Kompanija je specijalizovana za inženjering, projektovanje, planiranje i izgradnju različitih objekata

Current offerings

Green Escape

Green Escape is an A-class business complex located in the New Belgrade area. It is home to innovative architecture that meets modern design, offering endless possibilities for business growth. Add to that its proximity to the city, airport, and excellent connectivity due to its location near the E-75 highway, and you have all the ingredients needed for business success.

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Our services

IMEL is your strategic partner in the world of engineering, architecture, and construction. We offer a complete spectrum of engineering, design, planning, and construction services for buildings of various purposes, as well as real estate management services. With decades of experience, we are focused on meeting the specific requirements of our clients - investors and end-users. Moreover, we provide our clients with the opportunity to utilize Cloud services for more efficient business operations.

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