Zorana Đinđića Boulevard 48v

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Address: Zorana Đinđića Boulevard, 48v, Block 21, New Belgrade





10609 m2





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A blend of tradition and modern

This facility represents one of our initial steps toward the concept of future construction. In its appearance, you can see a contemporary exterior design, discreetly reflecting the “block” legacy of New Belgrade architecture and presenting a subtle fusion of old and new.

Through this synergy, the building stands as an example of how modern design can enhance, not disrupt, the existing urban landscape. Every detail of the facade reflects a tribute to history and a striving towards the future, making our building a symbol of innovative development in the heart of New Belgrade.

Class A

Our building, classified as a Class A business facility, is a model of contemporary construction approach. In every segment, from the choice of materials to the final design, we aim for a harmony of aesthetics and functionality. The integration of high-quality materials and advanced technological solutions makes this building an example of the future of construction. Our goal was to create a space that not only reflects current trends but also anticipates the needs of future generations, setting new standards in business space design. 

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