Premises in the “grey phase” of construction are ready for occupancy within a minimum of 60 days from the signing of the contract. If the tenant has requirements not covered by our basic furnishing package, the construction period may be extended. Spaces vacated by the previous tenant are move-in ready after basic hygiene cleaning, provided the new tenant is satisfied with the existing condition. Regarding space furnishing, depending on tenant preferences, we can perform works ranging from basic outfitting to complete interior renovations.

The service charge encompasses maintenance and building costs, covering facility and installation upkeep, water consumption, security, and building insurance for the leased business space. Specifics vary from one property to another, and detailed information is part of the leasing offer.

The add-on factor represents the proportionate percentage of shared spaces (typically toilets, lobbies, halls, and staircases) included in the total leasing area. Thus, the total leasing area is the net area of the business space plus the add-on factor, which amounts to 10%.

All our past and current agreements with tenants are long-term, contracted for a minimum period of 5 years. These details are precisely defined in the leasing offer.

Our facilities and spaces are primarily situated in New Belgrade, within blocks 21 and 51. You can view the locations of all our facilities and spaces here.

Finishing works are part of our offer. We trust our team of experts to be the most competent for executing such works because of the knowledge of the facility construction and materials specification.

With every business space we offer, there is the option to lease parking spaces within the building. Additionally, if there are available parking spaces but no vacant business spaces in a particular building, it’s possible to lease only a parking space. These details are precisely defined in the leasing offer.

Within our portfolio spanning decades, we have properties for both commercial and residential purposes. You can find all currently available spaces for sale or lease here.