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The art of creation – from vision to realization

At IMEL, our project management is not just a technical discipline, but an art of creating environments that directly influence the peoples’ lives. From urban planning and conceptualization to realization, we approach each project with a strategy and special care.

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Upravljanje projektima i razvojem

Project management and site development

Planning and market analysis

We start with a thorough understanding of market conditions (supply and demand, financing sources, etc.), ensuring that each project has a solid foundation for success.


A budget plan is defined that includes all costs - from planning and design to construction and maintenance. Our budget forecasts are detailed and realistic, ensuring transparency and efficiency.

Contracts and finances

Our legal team works hand in hand with technical experts, ensuring that contracts reflect all the technical and financial details of the project.

Project coordination

We synchronize all project participants (from architects to engineers and consultants) and ensure that every aspect of the project is aligned and efficient.

Subcontractor engagement and control

Upon completion of the project and tender documentation, subcontractors are selected, and their work, as well as the project dynamics, are permanently monitored. We rigorously follow every segment of the construction process.

Supervision of construction works

Reliable professional supervision guarantees the execution of works in accordance with the project, standards, set deadlines, and legal regulations.

Communication with clients

Efficient and transparent communication with clients is crucial at all stages of the project - from planning, through design and execution, to the use of the facility.

Resolving potential conflicts

We proactively anticipate and prevent potential disputes and challenges encountered during project implementation, seeking optimal solutions that serve the interests of all parties involved.

Property management

Our focus in property management lies in assisting clients with the selection and arrangement of spaces, in expert and strategic maintenance, while proactively adapting to the needs of users.

We continuously monitor market trends to ensure that our real estate management services reflect the latest standards and provide an optimal experience for users.

We ensure continuous maintenance and efficient reconfiguration of the space to accommodate a new tenant, ensuring continuous operation while maintaining both uniformity and orderliness.

We advise tenants on the optimal use of space, offering architectural and design solutions and services.

We specialize in works that involve the installation of flooring, ceilings, and partitions, as well as final fitting works, ensuring that the space is ready for use in the shortest possible time.

We quickly and effectively respond to changes in user requirements, adapting and modernizing spaces for new purposes.

We actively communicate and market properties in collaboration with leading real estate agencies to achieve optimal occupancy of our buildings.

Imel - Cloud usluge

Cloud service

In addition to offering business premises, in collaboration with our partner company Cloud Office, we offer the convenience of modern business operations through the use of virtual Cloud space.

Flexibility: A Cloud office enables you to work from anywhere at any time.

Efficiency and accessibility: We provide fast and easy access to key data and documents.

Security and reliability: Your data is safe and accessible only to authorized persons.

With Cloud services, the future of property management is already here.