Okov Shopping Center (Merkur)


Building information

Address: Partizanske avijacije Street, 2, Block 51, New Belgrade

10017 m2





Parking spaces

Good position and urban character

The Okov Shopping Center, positioned at the western gateway of the city, not only serves as a recognizable point in the urban environment of New Belgrade but also stands as an architectural accent reflecting the modernization and development of this part of the city. Its unique architecture (with carefully chosen materials) and strategic location along Partizanske avijacije Street are designed to meet urban and architectural requirements, highlighting it as an essential element in the New Belgrade’s architecture.

Functionality and a wide range of services

The spacious areas we have developed, now house the Okov Shopping Center, utilizing this ambiance to offer a variety of products to its customers. With an emphasized ground floor entrance and a spacious, adaptable floors, together they create an environment that is welcoming for shoppers and practical for business operations.

Spaciousness and parking solutions

With an area of 10,017 square meters, the center can accommodate a large number of visitors and meet their needs. Additionally, with a two-level parking facility providing 294 parking spaces, the Okov Shopping Center addresses one of the key challenges in urban areas—the need for parking, thereby facilitating visitor access and stay.

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