McDonald's Restaurant and Administration Building

Project information

Address: Mihajla Pupina Boulevard, 85, New Belgrade

863 m2




Prominent location and distinctive design

Located in a bustling and renowned area of New Belgrade, this commercial and hospitality facility, part of the large McDonald’s chain, stands on a corner plot. It boasts specific and pronounced architecture, thoughtfully designed for both traffic flow and visual appeal. Its strategic position and unique design make it notable in the area.

Imel projekat - Upravna zgrada i restoran McDonalds blok 21

Pioneering presence in New Belgrade

This McDonald’s outlet is not only one of the first of its kind in Belgrade but also the very first in New Belgrade. It symbolizes the expansion and adaptation of international catering chains in the city, reflecting the city’s growth and development. The building’s structure, encompassing sales and service spaces across two floors, caters to the functional needs of a fast-paced contemporary catering service.

MC Donalds

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