K2 Green Escape

Building information

Address: Block 51, Bežanijska kosa, New Belgrade
Total Area: 24,649 m²
Number of Floors: 6 above-ground floors
Floor Area: 2,795 m² per floor
Underground Garage: Two levels with 226 parking spaces
Additional Features: The building consists of three wings planned to be constructed in three phases, each with separate entrances and a shared underground garage.

24.649 m2

Total Area


Number of Floors


Number of Parking Spots

Space for effective business operations

The K2 building in the Green Escape business complex represents a new direction in business space design. With its large glass surfaces at the main entrance, K2 captivates with a grandiose lobby that radiates light and spaciousness. Contemporary architecture and the highest global standards in construction and technical equipment make this building perfect for companies seeking top-tier space for their operations.

IMEL K2 Green Escape

The harmony of work and leisure

K2 not only meets the need for efficient workspaces but also offers optimal conditions for rest and relaxation. With accompanying hotel facilities and diverse amenities, the building is ideal for unwinding after a long workday or intensive meetings. Its immediate proximity to the airport makes it especially suitable for international clients and business people who are always on the move. The K2 building thus represents the perfect blend of functionality and luxury, providing everything needed for modern business operations and employee comfort.

IMEL K2 Green Escape

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