K1 Green Escape

Building Information

Address: Block 51, Bežanijska kosa, New Belgrade
Total Area: 39,238 m², including 15,000 m² of underground space
Number of Floors: Basement + two-level underground garage + 6 above-ground floors
Number of Parking Spots: 266 controlled-access parking spaces

39.238 m2

Total Area


Number of Floors


Number of Parking Spots

A place for the future

K1 Green Escape stands out with its longitudinal plot of 39,238 m², overlooking the E-75 highway. This imposing structure, with six floors each spanning 3,850 m² and an additional 15,000 m² of underground space offering 266 parking spots, heralds a new era in the development of business spaces in New Belgrade. Every segment of the building, from glass-walled corner offices to the special recessed floor with wide glass terraces and greenery offering panoramic views, is designed to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of modern business.

IMEL K1 Green Escape

Designed for today's needs

K1 Green Escape is more than just a business space; it’s a hub for innovation and professional development. Advanced materials and intelligent systems create an efficient and inspiring work environment. With three vertical cores featuring separate elevators and staircases, and distinct ground floors that connect on the first floor, the building allows flexible space division. Special focus is placed on practicality and adaptability – from meeting rooms to relaxation areas, the building caters to various modern business needs. The recessed floors not only offer spacious offices but also a city-view relaxation space, setting new standards for a work environment that promotes a balance between productivity and well-being.

IMEL K1 Green Escape

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