About us

Four decades with you

Founded in 1981, IMEL was established with the vision to unify the market presence of more than 40 producers of industrial prefabricated elements and structures, creating a strong community of installers. Our mission from the very beginning has been to provide complete engineering services—from consulting to implementation, both domestically and internationally.

As one of the oldest privately owned engineering companies in Belgrade, IMEL has become a benchmark of excellence with services that cover the entire spectrum of requests in the construction sector. We cover everything from consulting and design to equipment supply and real estate trade, with an unwavering focus on innovation and quality. The IMEL team is comprised of experienced professionals whose dedication to precision and adherence to deadlines has built our reputation as one of the industry’s leaders.

Imel - Četiri decenije sa vama

The Future: Crafted by Generations

Over the years, we have played a key role in the urban development of New Belgrade, where our projects have become recognizable symbols of the modern urban landscape. Our business philosophy is based on principles of transparency, consistency, and dedication, with an unchanged goal – to realize our clients’ visions and build lasting values.

IMEL stands as your reliable partner in creating spaces for future generations, carrying with it a rich heritage and invaluable experience.

Imel - Generacijama gradimo budućnost

About the founder

Slobodan Urošević, the founder of IMEL, embarked on his endeavour in 1981 with a commitment to uniting various manufacturers. He steered the company towards partnerships with leading educational and research institutions, ensuring the high standard of quality that IMEL consistently maintains.

His dedication to quality in meeting the needs of clients and citizens is evident through key projects in the development of New Belgrade and Bezanijska Kosa, which have resulted not only in residential and commercial buildings but also significant urban districts that have transformed the city’s landscape.

Under his leadership, IMEL has become known for following global trends, developing projects that serve the growing real estate market, and for innovative solutions in the construction industry.

Today, the second generation of the Urošević family leads IMEL with a vision of further improving quality and efficiency, keeping the company on a stable path of progress.

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Our values

Through our expertise, we guarantee outstanding results that meet your expectations. With perseverance, we overcome challenges and obstacles to achieve common goals.

With unwavering dedication, we remain focused on our mission of creating lasting value for the future.

As a family-owned business with over four decades of experience, our greatest strength lies in building strong relationships with clients. Our longstanding success in the market is rooted in our commitment to clients and their visions, making us a reliable partner for both our existing and new investors.

Our dedication to top-notch quality in project execution is the foundation of our reputation. We strictly adhere to set budgets, timelines, and regulations, ensuring consistency and reliability. This approach guarantees a level of quality that clients recognize and appreciate.
Our team comprises experts whose knowledge and skills contribute not only to technical excellence but also to overall client satisfaction. We believe that every satisfied client is our best recommendation. Thanks to this, we have built a solid foundation for the continuous growth and advancement of our company, retaining existing clients and attracting new ones.

Our clients are informed about the entire construction process, from the beginning to the end of the project, reducing the chance of hidden costs and unforeseen situations.

We proudly highlight that we have never exceeded set deadlines. On the contrary, a significant number of our projects have been completed ahead of schedule. When clients know that the job will be executed according to plan, they consistently return for future projects. We emphasize that we have a large number of clients for whom we have built multiple structures, supporting the growth of their companies and needs.

Our projects are strictly carried out according to the plan and technical regulations, with a focus on quality rather than quantity. This ensures that neighborhoods transform into dynamic locations for users, providing them with a comfortable and secure space for living and working.

We provide full support to tenants when using our spaces and offer additional amenities (IT services, Cloud servers). Our clients know that we take care of their needs and are always at their disposal.


We aim to be a role model and inspiration to new generations, to remain synonymous with quality, perseverance, and dedication in the field of engineering and real estate development, while simultaneously nurturing tradition and inherited values.

We will strive to construct buildings that are not only examples of successful construction but also serve as a model and inspiration to future generations, who will look upon every corner of the city we have shaped with respect and pride. Our aspirations are clear: for each new project to be a step towards a better tomorrow, founded on the pillars of experience, expertise, and enduring values.

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