Zorana Đinđića Boulevard 48a, 48b

Building information

Address: Zorana Đinđića Boulevard, 48a, 48b, Block 21, New Belgrade

7994 m2





Garage spaces

Prime location and versatile design

Located in the core of Block 21, this residential and commercial building offers a strategic mix of residential units and business premises. Developed by IMEL, this building is surrounded by vital accommodation, business, and trade centres. Its excellent connections to major roads, including the highway, the city centre, and other parts of New Belgrade, make it a sought-after location.

Architectural fit and commercial attractiveness

The building is architecturally tailored to align with the residential essence of Block 21 while ensuring that the ground floor and mezzanine are optimally designed for commercial use. This careful architectural planning allows the building to integrate smoothly into the neighborhood’s residential character while also serving as an attractive site for businesses.

Living with quality and functionality in design

With 34 residential units, the building is known for using the highest quality materials and top-tier equipment standards. Each apartment is crafted to offer superior functionality and comfort. This approach extends to the entire building, reflecting a commitment to high-quality living and efficient design, making each space within the building functional and luxurious.

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