Address: Bulevar Zorana Đinđića  48v, Block 21, New Belgrade

Area: 10,609 m2

Structure: Business building consisting of administrative space on the floors, a restaurant, and a multifunctional hall on the ground floor, 2F+F+5+F, with 114 parking spaces

This building represents Imel’s most modern project, which successfully met the two most important requirements. Given that it is a residential-commercial part of New Belgrade, in block 21, the building had to correspond with the architectural heritage from the “block” neighborhood, which it succeeded in, and again, with its meticulous and reduced facade, fit into the trend of the most modern office buildings on New Belgrade. The second requirement was to meet the requirements of all users and to emphasize and realize the benefits of the building, which represents a class-A business building, equipped with all modern materials, interior and technological solutions, and “smart building” systems, which was taken into account during the execution until the last details.