Telecommunications advertising pole

Building information

Address: Partizanske avijacije Street, 2, Block 51, New Belgrade

More details

A telecommunications tower is erected in the optimal location that guarantees quality signal coverage.

Based on expert analysis, IMEL designed and built a telecommunications tower at an optimal location that guarantees high-quality signal coverage of the largest part of the territory of the city of Belgrade.

With the height of the antenna platform of 30 meters above sea level, our pole dominates the Bežanijska Kosa neighborhood. The massive structure of the column made of steel tubes with a wall thickness of 15 mm and a concrete foundation of 30 m³ provides superior stability and guarantees resistance to all natural disasters.

Accompanying containers for storing equipment are placed next to the pillar. Uninterrupted power supply, air conditioning, permanent access with physical security and video surveillance are provided.

Technical data:

  • Column coordinates: 44 49′ 32” N, 20 23′ 21” E
  • Height of the antenna platform: 30m
  • Diameter of the column base: 160cm
  • Diameter of the top of the column: 75cm
  • Influence of wind: JUS U.C7.110-113
  • Tip stability: deflection < 3.5cm

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