K1 Green Escape

About facility

The K1 facility is positioned on a longitudinal land plot facing the E-75 motorway and spans an area of 28,716 square metres. A quarter of that space, or 7,426 square meters to be exact, is underground and is intended for as many as 246 parking spaces with controlled access. A total of four floors, each of which is approximately 3,600 square metres in size, were designed to meet the highest construction standards and all the needs of employees, who will thoroughly enjoy all its benefits.

Functionality is one of the main characteristics of the K1 facility. This is supported by the fact that there are three vertical cores with separate lifts and staircases, which are separated on the ground floor and connected on the first floor. This type of layout enables both horizontal and vertical functional division of space into several units, all with the view of fully adapting to the client’s needs.

  • 5 floors
  • Square footage of the building: 28.716 m2
  • Square footage of the floor: 3.600 m2
  • Two-level underground garage

  • Number of parking places: 246


By connecting all the entrances in the first-floor area, the proper set-up of public or semi-public facilities for shared or separate use, such as a restaurant, library, meeting and training rooms, workshops and the like is ensured.Furthermore, the office space in the K1 building offers numerous decorating opportunities thanks to its flexibility. Whether you want to turn a certain part of the office into a meeting room, a special requirements room, a director’s office or an office shared by several employees, you are free to do so as there are no technical or organizational obstacles. The entire building can be partitioned according to the tenants’ wishes. Special attention was paid to the double-glazed corner offices, which features are embellished by the design and shape of the facade.

The “indented” floor is the most attractive part of this modern building, because its wide glass terraces and greenery provide the best environment for work, with a panoramic view of the surroundings and direct access to fresh air. Considering all the above mentioned, it would be very interesting to see it adapted into rooms for business managers, creative activities, childcare facilities, etc. As recreation and relaxation have become necessary components of a contemporary business environment, all employees working at the K1 building will have the opportunity to take a break from hard work on the open, green roof and do sports or other additional activities in line with their needs.

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